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  • I have been feeling so weird and funky the last 2-3 weeks, and decided to have a session with Therese. WOW! She cracked open my bubble of concrete and facilitated me in opening a whole new reality for myself. I have so much more ease now and I can actually acknowledge my capabilities and create for me again! Hoe does it get any better than that? What else is infinitely possible now? What can I create now that I wasn't able to before? What a gift you be to me and this world Therese. Gratitude. <3
    Helen Carlström (Sweden)
  • Thank you sooo much for todays call. I had a sensation of elevation at one point.So spacy! Love it! What else is possible!? Can't wait to go out there and play 🙂
    Erika Berggren (Sweden)
  • Wow, wow, wow!!!! What an amazing call today. Thank you so much Therese Stoa and fellow peeps on the call. What can we all create together with animals, each other and the earth that we never even dreamed of? HSIGABBT? Whoohoo. So excited to see new possibilities for us all.
    Chérie Burgess (Canada)
  • Ever since I took the talk to the entities class with Therese Stoa, I have been more present in my life. The ache I had in my head and eyes are completely gone. This class does not only give you tools for talking to the spirit world, it can change your whole life.
    Pernilla Helmersson (Sweden)
  • Thanks you for today Therese Stoa! That entity session was quite something.!!! And I have been sooooo resistent for entering this topic in any way soooo reluctant to even ask ANY questions about it for like forever. And the funny thing is things never show up the way you think it will, quite often it's the opposite really.... So in my mind I had a ton of conclusions and ideas of how this was supposed to look like and be like and feel like - and totally bought in to the warnings and lies and scares about it. And then as we unraveled things so lightly so unintrusive my body started to get really happy - and the blissfull gratitude received and given Wow - never ever thought it could be like that. And already I'm perceiving funny side effects, like trusting my awareness more - hdigabtt? Turns out once more where we limit and stick ourselves there really can not be the Joy of awareness. I'm so curious what else this will create? In Gratitude/Johanna Pansera CF
    Johanna Pansera (Sweden)

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About Leyla

bro smiler-litenLeyla Therese is a veterinarian, animal whisperer and possibility engineer who facilitates people and animals to create, discover and play with possibilities in life!

She owns two businesses and is constantly creating new ways to empower people and create a happier, more sustainable world.

Leyla graduated from the Norwegian school of veterinary science in 2007 and has since then studied osteopathy, acupuncture and a variety of courses in ethology, animal behavior and training as well as several advanced level courses in Access consciousness™, Talk To The Entities™ and a variety of other modalities.

Leyla has decades of practical experience in self-development, business and life in general Read more…

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